Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wedding Season Has Begun!


It's been a while...

Everyone is very busy getting married
and we're very happily part of that crowd.
It's kept us quite busy, making sure everything
is just so for our lovely August date with Aspen!

We made a little get-away weekend out of our final
walk-through meetings in Aspen with vendors a few weeks ago.

We had a blast and are now having an
even harder time waiting for our big day!

It's SO beautiful, but judge for yourself...

Well, that is with the exception of Independence Pass (12,095 feet)
where it appeared that winter was still in
full swing with about 6-7 feet of snow!

(note to self: it was 80+ degrees in Denver when we left that day)

Apparently normal along the pass,
the dogies were not impressed with more snow

Thankfully below 12,000 feet, the weather changed
and it was then that it became a more
"acceptable" climate for us all to vacation in.

Once in Aspen, we checked in to The Little Nell,
our accommodations for that special weekend
and the hosts of our wedding itself.

The "kids" made sure it was an acceptable 5 star location
for us to reside, inspecting and testing every inch.

After the room passed canine inspection,
we ventured out and up Aspen mountain.

The doggies had the time of their lives...
and just watching them together brought
a smile to our faces, such a happy sight!

Once everyone had enough 'bounding through the meadows'
we headed back inside to hang out for a while and relax.

Before calling it a night, the number one necessity was to test
the new chew toys to ensure the 5 star furniture didn't become the
latest and greatest chew toy when the humans left...

seems like it was a success...

(posing, Hutch knew we were photographing him)

Her modest self, Gracie didn't care
who was watching, she was determined to
get than dang treat out of there!

She eventually succeeded,
but not until the next day after
her long, long nap :)


The next morning we took a beautiful
gondola ride up to the top of the mountain
to check out our ceremony and reception sites...

(note to self: it will be warm with no snow on any mountain in sight on 30-August, 2009)

...followed by a nice afternoon stroll around the
town of Aspen and through a lovely little park.

Ah, what a wonderful life!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Winter and Spring, wait what?

Well, we think they've got it mixed up here in Denver.

Last week it was Winter and this week it is Spring, but during Winter there was no snow and it was 60-70 degrees!

Now that it's Spring, we have 2+ feet of snow and it's about 20 degrees.

Either way, we all made the best of each season and what it brought with it!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Winter in Denver

We love it here in Denver.
It's been sunny, as usual, and 60-70 degrees every day.
Perfect for playing outside and enjoying the outdoors together.

Recently, our good friend Payton visited from Los Angeles.
Payton loves horses and was super-duper
excited to come out to the barn, watch
Nikki ride and take tons of pics.

Later, we all went back home
and played in the backyard ...

... ate dinner and then
pooped-out for the night.

Life is good.