Friday, January 30, 2009

An Informal but Official Wedding Date Announcement

We'd like to take this opportunity to let everyone know that our wedding date has been officially secured. We will be tying the knot in Aspen, Colorado on:

Sunday, August, 30, 2009

Please mark your calendars ... Formal Save-the-Date & Invites to follow very soon!


Nikki, Zach, Gracie & Hutch

Meet Hutch!

Hello everyone, my name is HUTCH!

I am a 2 month old Red Queensland Heeler, just like Gracie but I'm a boy dog!

I was born on November 23rd 2008 and lived in Colorado Springs, CO with my breeder family until this past Saturday the 24th when I was adopted by my new family, Nikki, Zach and my older sister Gracie.

I am such a baby!

I am learning fast and have really loved getting to know Gracie.
She was a little weary of me at first, because I'm a puppy...

... but now we do pretty much everything together.

The only thing she doesn't do with me is pee and poop in the house by
accident sometimes and steal Mom's slippers and run around with them.

Other than that we...

Share steamed rice when our bellies are a little upset...

Take naps together...

Exchange and share chews...

and lots of playing!

My new life is just the greatest and I can't wait until I finish all of my puppy shots so I can go and run around at the barn and go for tons of walks.

I'm also looking forward to Nikki and Zach's wedding in August.
Gracie and I will be the ring bearers and I can't wait to look my best!

I'm growing really quickly so stay tuned for new pictures all the time!